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The Mentoring Program

This program is for Experienced and Unexperienced Investors who are or want to be in the business of buying, fixing and flipping property.

The program is free and has benefits for the Experienced Investor as well as the Novice.

In our years of experience we know that the business of Flipping houses can be very lucrative; but it can also be challenging.

At JM Real Estate Capital are here to help so we see this program as a win/win.

New Investors

Benefits Of Having A Mentor


1. Experience– A lot of the get rich fix and flip shows make it look easy We hate to burst anyone’s bubble-It’s not! Work with someone who has done it before. Maybe after getting a couple under your belt you can do it yourself with confidence.

2. Access to financing– Credit is not so much King, and not even Queen, Experience and Money are King and Queen in this business. Your financing costs will be cheaper.

3. Less Risk-Lower your Risk with a partner- The ideal relationship here is to pair you together with someone who has successfully bought, fixed and sold before. We charge nothing for this service.

We make our money when we help you obtain financing.

What do you need to do? Simply fill out an application and we will contact you when we believe we have a match in your area.


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