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The Mentor Program

This program is for Experienced and Unexperienced Investors who are or want to be in the business of buying, fixing and flipping property.

The program is free and has benefits for the Experienced Investor as well as the Novice.

In our years of experience we know that the business of Flipping houses can be very lucrative; but it can also be challenging.

At JM Real Estate Capital are here to help so we see this program as a win/win.

Experienced Investors

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our program.

We have been in the business of helping Investors get loans for their projects for many years. We know that this business can be easy and can be hard but most often very profitable.

We have dealt with experienced investors and non-experienced investors; and an idea came to mind. What if we were able to match you guys up? Is it worth it? Maybe???


Benefits of being a Mentor

1. Money– You can be a consultant without putting up money.

2. Money– You share in the profits

3. Low-Risk– You of course put everything in writing and have your counsel put in protections


The ideal relationship is You bring to the table your experience and access to financing.

We charge nothing for the service and we pair you up with a “Newbie”.

How do we get paid? We get paid by you using our line of credit. We make our money off the loan. Just as we would if you were applying for one yourself.

What do you need to do? Apply now: