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Paul Brown is a grateful father of three beautiful, brilliant children.  His Why is providing sustainable systems of reliable water for all people. Paul runs Servant Leadership Properties in order to fund the expenses of his life purpose by providing quality, affordable housing and creative real estate solutions. As a buy and hold investor since 2014, he has become the local expert on Quality Rooming Houses and adept at rent to own/lease optionsHe lives in the Memphis, TN area, which he warmly refers to as Gotham City. 

He enjoys making unexpected comments during meetings, dancing,  traveling, insinuating that he’s Batman, speaking, gardening, working out, crunching ROI numbers, reading, writing, and spending time with & helping people.  When Paul isn’t engaged in the above, he is coaching his students in Real Estate Investing and Action/Mindset Success, making facetious remarks to strangers, or contemplating new strategies for friendly, gentle, and loving world domination.  His favorite questions to ask others are “What’s your Why?” and “How may I serve you?”  So how can Paul serve you?

Additionally, Paul served our country for 6 years as a member of the US Army.

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