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For Rental and Rehab Properties

We at JM Real Estate Capital are here to help you with your Real Estate Investment goals. We are happy to provide a pre approval letter.

Simply click the type of investment you’d like to get a pre approval for make the quote application with a hypothetical scenario and we will provide you with a quote.

If the quote works for you we will send you a letter of Intent using the hypothetical terms.

Simply execute the Letter of Intent with requested documents and we can issue you a pre-approval*.



Select which pre-approval you are seeking capital for:

For both types of Pre-Approvals, the process is simple.

Fill out as much as info as possible  below.

We will price out as it were a real deal. If you’re comfortable with the figures we will issue you a Letter of interest.

Simply execute the letter of interest and let us know you want a pre-approval. After we have run your credit and background check, assuming all good, we can issue you a pre-approval. We can issue you as many as needed for a 90 period; after 90 days we would have to re-run your credit and background check.

*Pre-approvals can be issued quickly during business hours.


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Pre-Approval Request For

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